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  • Indoor test

    Environmental polluting situation caused by indoor decoration...

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  • Interior governance

    Will indoor harmful substances in oxidation reduction、Neutralization reaction、Catalytic decomposition...

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  • Auto management

    The car itself、Decorative materials, etc,Formaldehyde、Xylene、Benzene, etc...

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  • Air purifier

    Photocatalytic filter、Four heavy filtering、In addition to formaldehyde、In addition toPM2.5、In addition to second-hand smoke、Ultra low noise all smartphones...

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classic caseA classic case

Lishui dry auspicious environmental worth your trust!

Lishui dry auspicious environmental protection

Conditions1Large indoor cleaning team,Class a construction qualification certification,For many years construction experience
Conditions2Plant active extract,Neutral environment,Tiny structures can make the object full absorption,Adsorption degradation of formaldehyde and other harmful substances
Conditions3Four board listed company environmental protection、Purification national committee, director of the unit、National high and new technology enterprise,National supervision enterprise users at ease
Conditions4Ping an insurance products liability insurance,Responsible for project quality,Allows users to rest assured

General company

Parading skirmisher、3 without temporary building construction organization,Can't guarantee of construction quality
Chemical class、And inferior products,After using secondary pollution is serious,A health hazard
Governance is invisible consumption,Finish the governance,Without any tracking service
Property and health loss only his harm,The rights to

1 Solemnly declare:The construction management,The quality assurance10Years

Before the construction management contract,Each party holds one,After construction were reviewed,
If the air quality is not standard,Unconditional rework。

1 Solemnly declare:The construction management,The quality assurance10Years

Before the construction management contract,Each party holds one,After construction were reviewed,
If the air quality is not standard,Unconditional rework。

2 Natural environmental protection product,No variation of pollution

The corporate governance of products have passed the state environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center detection,
Natural plant active extraction,Decomposition of formaldehyde of green environmental protection,In addition to the harmful gases at the same time,Production
Negative oxygen ion,No variation of pollution,Construction management quality assurance for ten years。

3Ping an insurance warranty,Security service,Rest assured to enjoy

The company high premiums for insurance products,Allows users to rest assured。Companies to strengthen services,Attaches great importance to the fine
Section,Launch a standardized management process,Construction by heart。We always put the customer experience
In the important position。

4Countries listed companies,National standards of governance

Countries listed companies,Governance by state purification qualification training base,Purification national committee, director of the unit,High qualification standards of the state,Can rest assured。

5The product research and development team of science and technology,Won the national r&d qualification

Governance product research and development person committed to indoor environmental causes30Years,Independent research and development production invention,Successively for more than one hundred national patent certificate,Master the skills in the industry,Indoor environmental protection industry,The brand of the industry,Worth your trust。

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 Lishui dry auspicious environmental protection technology co., LTDIs a focus on indoor pollution control in the field of environmental protection enterprises。Company to improve indoor environment、Construction of green environmental protection、Healthy and comfortable space,Main business includes:Smooth accelerant,In addition to formaldehyde,Decoration pollution treatment,Bridal chamber in addition to odor, etc,Indoor pollution control products and applications in the field of development and promotion,Service to the mass market,Provide originality of indoor air quality management products,The perfect solution。
    Company for improvement of good family for a long time、The school、Organ、The hospital、The hotel、Office buildings、Shopping malls and other places of the indoor air quality、The indoor environment purification、Indoor decoration pollution treatment optimization to provide solutions。
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Honorary certificate
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Answer:Urea formaldehyde resin adhesive will continuous decomposition under natural state,Decomposition of free formaldehyde release to bedroom environment in gaseous form,A release period8-15Years。The decomposition and the long-term release,..
Q:Home and bought new furniture,The air is very smelly,Isn't it..
Answer:How do you do!Reaches a certain concentration of formaldehyde is a colorless, has a strong irritating smell of gas,New furniture contain large amounts of formaldehyde adhesive glue。..
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